Killing Rock: An Introduction

This series will be a multi-part production about the mysteries surrounding the Killing Rock Pound Gap Massacre which occurred on May 14th, 1892.

Doc’s Gun


Doc’s Gun. Doctor Marshal Benton Taylor’s rifle is of utmost importance as it is often told that the jury had a question about the gun and ultimately it would be the rifle and the testimony about it that would be used to find him guilty however when we look into the testimony about the rifle, […]

Janes Identity Problem


Jane’s Identity Problem. The Following article is partly fiction, this is because as Charles A Johnson tells us in his book, at the time of the trial it was customary for only the testimony of the witness to be recorded. This means that from the answers given, we must try to resolve the questions that […]

The Arrest of Dr Taylor

Dr. Taylor

The Arrest of Dr Taylor. Dr. Marshall Benton Taylor would be arrested without incident on Tuesday July 19th 1892 as he boarded a passenger train heading to Florida. This would be a mere 3 days after the “Botched” arrest attempt made by Deputy Sheriff R.D. McFall in the clefts of the Cumberland’s. We are often […]

Murdered Man Cemetery

A quiet Cemetery lies on top of Church House Hollow now known as Forrest Hill. But at one time in its history it was not so quiet.