Jenkins History


The story of Richard Broas standing in the Elkhorn creek in Pike County examining a piece of coal is likely to have occurred in Sept 1883.

Doc Taylor man on the run

Doc Taylor

Doc Taylor, man on the run.   We are often led to believe, that Doc Taylor and the Fleming’s were the suspects from the moment the bodies were found, and that they had went into hiding immediately after the shooting. Yet this is simply not true, it would be nearly three weeks before they became the […]

Interview with Jess Bates

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Interview with Jess Bates When we asked Judge Bates where he was born, he told us he was born at Hindman, Kentucky. His father was Robert — “Old Man Bates.” They moved to Rock House when he was two months old below the Deane, Hendrix mines. His grandfather was one of the first settlers in this region. He […]