The Life of Jenny Wiley​ (Part One:​ The Colonies and Native American Relations of the 1700s)

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Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

Before we get into the story, it is important to understand the events of what was going on with the settlers and the Native American Nations of that time and how a case of mistaken identity led to the tragic life of Jenny Wiley. The descriptions and complete list of the events are in no way exhaustive but their purpose is to describe what was happening in the 1700s in North America at that time. Links are provided below for you to find out more information on the topics.

Websites used during research

Proclamation of 1763

Treaty of Paris, 1763

The Indians’ War of Independence

Lord Dunmore’s War

Indian Trails of Appalachia

French and Indian War

Revolutionary War

Westward Expansion

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