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The Killing Rock
The Killing Rock. photo -Joanna Sergent

“It’s one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time."

May 14, 1892

On a sleepy Saturday afternoon gunshots rang out on a lonely deserted stretch of mountain road. When the gun smoke cleared, five people and two horses had been brutally murdered. Two people had survived the cowardly ambush. And initially, there were two suspects based on evidence found at the scene of the crime. Those shots and what happened over the next two years would forever change the lives of at least a dozen families.

Within days the list of suspects had grown to five. Three of which were a shock to the community. Of the first two suspects, one was mysteriously never investigated or indicted. The other would be caught and arraigned. But due to a bizarre and unexplained recess of the court, skipped bail. The charges against him would eventually be dropped in 1901. Of the three remaining men, One would stand trial and be hung for the crime. One would be killed in a gunfight. And contrary to what the sign says, the charges against Henan Fleming were dropped. He never stood trial and Jane’s death had little to do with it.

Join us for an in-depth look into the events leading up to the massacre. We will take a good hard look into the myths, legends, and folktales surrounding the event, before and after. Then we will attempt to dispel those myths and folktales by using hard facts and evidence that we have gathered over the last ten years. Much of which has only come to light over the past seven as digitization efforts have increased.

It is our hope that after examining all the information we have acquired and compiled. That you come to understand the reasons behind all the questions. And to have you join with the many people from the area that have, for over 125 years, been asking;

“Was the right man hung for the crime?"

Killing Rock trail marker
The Killing Rock Trail Marker. Photo -Joanna Sergent

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Visiting the Sites.

If you are going to be in the Jenkins Kentucky, Pound Virginia area you may want to visit the historic site of the Killing Rock as well as the gravesite of those killed in the Massacre. Here are some photos my wife Joanna and I took this past summer.

The Often Told Story...

The story as it is often told by various websites and books. With some of the more outlandish elements removed.

The Untold Stories...