Killing Rock a Place to Remember

A silent witness to a great tragic moment in history is a place forever known as the Killing Rock.

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The Killing Rock ~~ A Place to Remember

Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

A silent witness to a great tragic moment in history is a place forever known as the Killing Rock. Although it is not a single boulder but instead a pile of rocks placed together in a grouping, Killing rock is a beautiful place to visit to see where history took place.  Located on the Pound, Virginia side of the Pound/Jenkins Mountain (Pine Mountain).

The Killing Rock Pictures taken by Joanna Adams Sergent

Last summer my mother, Katie Adams, and I went to visit Killing Rock  with camera in hand.  From the top of the Mountain where the Marathon Gas Station is….go behind the station onto a path.   There you will see a huge billboard with information on it about the mountains, the geography, mapped trails, and flora and fauna information.    As you travel down the path about 200 feet down a slope you will come to the fork in the road.   Take the left fork on down the mountain.   As you go down the hill another 200 feet or so you will come to another “fork” take the right path, its easier to hike, but both of them lead to the same place.   Just as the two paths meet together again you will see a huge sign that reads:

The Killing Rock Sign. Pictures taken by Joanna Adams Sergent


From this ambush, The Red Fox (M.B. Taylor), Cal and Henan Fleming slew Ira Mullins (a cripple), Ira’s Wife Louranza, Wilson Mullins, and hired hands John Chappel and Greenberry Harris.

Wilson’s wife, Jane Mullins (Ira’s Sister) was spared.  John Harrison Mullins, 14-year old son of Ira escaped by running down the mountain, bu one suspender was shot through as he ran.

The red Fox was hanged at Wise courthouse October 27, 1893.  He was dressed in white and claimed he would rise again from the dead.

Cal and Henan Fleming fled to West Virginia, where Cal died in a shootout with officers, Henan stood trial in Wise Co., but was cleared because the only witness, Jane Mullins had died.


Photos of the Tourist Booth

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Pictures along the path.

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The area around Killing Rock and Killing Rock itself from many views.

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