How Jenkins, Kentucky Got Its Name

Written by David Sergent The Problem The year is 1909, and the Consolidation Coal Company or Consol has a problem. Two years earlier they had expanded their operation into Kentucky. Consol negotiated an unusual deal with a schoolteacher turned coal miner and philanthropist named John C.C. Mayo. With the deal, they had purchased the existing […]

New Bank in the Coal Country Installed in 1911

Written by Joanna Adams Sergent This article is a re-written version of the half-page article that appeared in the Mountain Eagle in June of 1912.   None of this is a direct quote and it is completely my own words.  Letcher County is Coal Country. At the time, there were very few banking systems in place in […]

The United States Senate Investigates: Paint-Cabin Creek Strike of 1912 Part Five

After receiving a note from Mary Jones, U.S. Senator John W. Kern sprang into action with the Senate’s Kern Resolution of May 26, 1913. This resolution had a Committee on Educations and Labor to open up an investigation into the treatment and conditions of the West Virginia coal mines. At the same time, they also […]

The New Governor Steps In: Paint-Cabin Creek Strike of 1912 Part Four

Governor Henry D. Hatfield was sworn into office on March 5, 1913. He had inherited a portion of his state under it’s third martial law. Grievous mistreatment of men and their families under harsh circumstances. Several people were dead on both sides. And misuse of the US Constitution. Because Hatfield was a “Progressive” in his […]

The Battles Rage: Paint-Cabin Creek Strike of 1912 Part Three

Confiscated Guns

Written by Joanna Adams Sergent Governor William E Glasscock had convened a commission to determine the cause of the labor dispute. The findings are now being released and everyone is holding their breath. Will the Commission rule be in favor of the strikers or in favor of the coal operators? Also, we have an uneasy […]

The Trouble Begins:

Blairs fighters turning in guns

At first, the miners were peacefully protesting. The trouble actually began on May 10, 1912, when the coal operators decided to break up the strike.

The Strike That Started A War: Paint-Cabin Creek Strike of 1912

Before we get into the story of the Matewan Massacre, we need to do some back history and how things were already heated between the coal miners and the coal companies long before that point in history. What happened at the Paint-Cabin Creek strike is often regarded as one of the worst and first serious […]

The First Adams Cemetery

The First Adams Cemetery in Letcher County, Kentucky Written by Joanna Adams Sergent Walking through a cemetery is a walk into the past.   You find people who walked upon this Earth that lived and died and some had a major part to play in history.   You will also find many relatives and friends of those […]

Medal of Honor Recipient

Medal of Honor Recipient Remembered in Jenkins Written by Joanna Adams Sergent Jenkins has a very special sign downtown to honor one of its heroes.   Lt. Darwin K. Kyle was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner who fought in the Korean War.    His monument reads as follows:   Lt. Darwin K. Kyle The Congressional Medal […]