Letcher County Haunted History: Part Three

The Restless Solider Here at Kentucky Tennessee Living, we strive to keep this site nonpolitical in nature. All historic events posted that changed the lives of future generations in Letcher County. And have helped to give miners a voice in their working and living conditions. As well as we remember those who fought on both […]

Establishment of Letcher County

In 1842, the residents of the area petitioned the Kentucky State Legislature and Governor Robert P. Letcher. This is Letcher County’s story.

A New Style of Home for a New Industry

Cut off from the rest of the industrial world. There was no industry, no homes, no community, just a wooded area. There was a rush to complete a contract.

A Giant Rises In the Mountains

The million-dollar Tipple would have cost more than $18.82 million dollars in today’s currency. A giant would soon rise from the valley floor and tower over the Dunham Community of Jenkins.

The History of St. George Church

Dedicated under the patronage of St. George. The St. George Church was also named for Bishop George A. Carrell, who was the first Bishop of Covington.