Dunham High School 1931-1964

The history of Dunham High School is being rediscovered by a new generation of people. May it never be lost to the sands of time.

Jenkins History

Jenkins Ky

The town of Jenkins was so picturesque that the “Daily Independent” a newspaper from Ashland Kentucky wrote about lakeside in an editorial “The clubhouse and lakefront look more like a summer resort than a mining camp.”

Jenkins History

The Consolidation Coal Company had purchased 100,000 acres of land, cut off from the rest of the industrial world

Jenkins History


The story of Richard Broas standing in the Elkhorn creek in Pike County examining a piece of coal is likely to have occurred in Sept 1883.

Jenkins History

Raven Rock

The most unique thing about Jenkins Ky is that in January 1910 it did not exist.

A Brief History of Jenkins Ky

JenkinsKy 1925

In the fall of 1910, the Consolidation Coal Company, (known as Consol), purchased one hundred thousand acres of coal lands in Letcher County