Coming to Kentucky Tennessee Living the first three weeks of November!

Coming to Kentucky Tennessee Living the first three weeks of November!


Written by Joanna Adams Sergent

Appalachian Railway History.

All Aboard! The Jenkins, Kentucky Railroad Pulls Into History

In the first video we will discuss the history of the Consolidation Coal Company’s building of the Shelby Valley & Elkhorn Railroad. The reactions of the locals as told by Fess Whitaker and B.H. Burpo and the article that is found in the 1912 Mountain Eagle about the railway. While this article flips back and forward between Sandy Valley & Elkhorn Railroad to the Shelby Valley & Elkhorn Railroad because of the articles that the information came from.   The stock was sold under the name of Sandy Valley & Elkhorn Railway Company.  

Seco Train Accident of September 20, 1917

In the second video we will discuss the tragic event of the Seco Train Accident of September 20, 1917, an event that was almost lost to history. As one of the worst train accidents in rail history of the state of Kentucky, it is a “who done it” that is still open to speculation and intrigue.

Bloody Harlan

To complete our series of the Coal Wars of the United States we will be covering the Harlan County Coal War from 1931-1939. This will include the Battle of Evarts and the tragic aftermath that is still continuing to this day.

The First Bank of Jenkins

A jewel that was found in a newspaper clipping, this story will be on the founding of the first bank that was constructed in Jenkins, Kentucky in 1911. With the names of the officers, the newest installation of the vault, and technology of the time to prevent theft.

How Jenkins Got It’s Name

Named after George Jenkins from Balitmore, Maryland. We will answer questions about who he was and why the small town named after him. And how he single handily saved the Consolidation Coal Company from losing their investment in the area.

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