The Killing Rock

The Killing Rock

It’s one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time.

The Killing RockOn a sleepy Saturday in May of 1892 shots rang out on a lonely deserted stretch of mountain road that would forever change the lives of five families. When the gun smoke cleared, five people had been brutally murdered, there was two survivors and five suspects.

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Of those, four would be charged with the crime, two would eventually have the charges dropped, one would be killed in a gun fight and one would be hung. Join us for an in-depth look into the events before and after the crime along with evidence that for 124 years has caused many people to ask;

“Was the right man hung for the crime?”



Visiting the Sites.

If your going to be in the Jenkins Kentucky, Pound Virginia area you may want to visit the historic site of the Killing Rock as well as the grave site of those killed in the Massacre. Here are some photos my wife Joanna and I took this past summer.

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The Often Told Story…

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The Untold Stories…

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