Construction Camp 9-1910

The Unique History of Jenkins Kentucky

Construction 1911
Jenkins early Construction 1911 Photo Appalachian Learning Laboratory Alice Lloyd College

The Unique History of Jenkins Kentucky1910-1925

Located in Letcher County on the Virginian border along US 23 is a sleepy little town called Jenkins Ky. At first glance, Jenkins looks like any other coal camp town.

Jenkins early Construction 1912

Yet, because of its history, topography, and geology, Jenkins is a very unique place for quite a few reasons. But, the most unique thing about Jenkins KY is that in January 1910 it did not exist.

JenkinsKy 1925
Jenkins 1925

But within 15 years it would be transformed from a pasture with a few log houses to a modern city of 10,000 people.

This amazing story begins 133 years ago...